Expert Photo Restoration & Photo Reproduction by Innovative Images Photography

Photo Restoration for faded,damaged photos serving Houston, Katy, Fort bend, Texas, Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger
Houston Photo Restoration Picture Restoration

Don’t let your memories fade away with age – bring in your cherished photos and give us a chance to save them! We provide expert professional photo restoration and photo reproduction services for your faded, cracked, stained, torn, or discolored heirloom photographs. Your finished photographs are printed at our professional photo lab(same print quality as our professional portraiture). Linen texture, luster finish, mounted(1/8 to 1/4 inch thick backing) are standard finish for your photos. Canvas printing is also available(price quoted on request) as well as color tinting of black and white photos. Your restored photo is produced to look outstanding as well as last for generations(fade resistant).

Schedule an appointment with us( Monday through Friday) and we’ll assess the extent of the restoration to your photo. Please note, if we think your photo is beyond improvement, there is no charge to you for the consultation and we will return your original photo. In many cases even highly damaged photos can be restored to look outstanding again! Please note- Out of focus or fuzzy originals cannot be enlarged or sharpened. Copyrighted photos can’t be worked on without a copyright release from the original photo studio or photographer.

Photograph Restoration Houston, photo restoration houston- This black and white photo was very scratched and faded. See our final photo restoration. Photo Restoration Houston Texas, Photo and Artwork Reproduction in Houston Texas, Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger
Photograph Restoration Houston, Photo Restoration,

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