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Gain The Underestimated Competitive Edge!


  Introducing Portraits of Character by Robert Berger-Portrait Photography in Houston/See our latest headshots  

Introducing our new portrait photography website

Portraits of Character Website by Robert Berger

Houston professional photo studo for headshots executive photography family photography group photos, photo restoration photo Christmas cards mini sessions passport photos visa photos houston katy fortbend texas vintage classic contemporary photography studio Portraits of Character by Robert Berger 11211 Richmond Ave Suite B101, Houston, TX 77082


More often than not, many inquiries pertain to seeking the best price for a “Linkedin photo” before ever viewing my photography. If you are thinking the same, may I ask you to consider, will seeking the best price benefit your career the most?

Your professional portrait means more than just your face on Linkedin, it’s like having a billboard to advertise your business. Your professional portrait can help grow your career for the next 3 to 5 years. It’s about projecting professionalism, not so much emphasis on beauty!

Speaking about billboards!  If you were to need an advertisement for your business, wouldn’t having the most effective billboard be more important than best price? How important would the graphic design be? Isn’t it extremely important to grab attention? Will passerby’s be fooled and look at a poor design? Probably not!  What impression would you want it to have?

Your professional portrait is your personal advertising billboard essentially that can help advance or stagnate your career for the coming years! Putting forth, effort and energy, leads to excellence as well as success. Picture successful individuals you admire, think about how they present themselves in images and to the public. Are they all handsome and beautiful? Not necessarily!  Are they passionate about their career, very well dressed, work hard, put forth effort, and positively influence people? I would say yes is the answer to these questions.

Aren’t these the same individuals you want looking at your executive portrait for the coming years, so you may possibly do business with them?

This is a glimpse of my unique vision for executive portraiture!


Let’s discuss the best image for you! 281-650-5596 c

Robert Berger is an award winning photographer- portrait artist “Craftsmanship combined with artistic professional photography produce outstanding portraiture that is always admired and appreciated.”  He has the most Google reviews in the Houston area for professional photography as well as a five star rating. Copyright 2019 Portraits of Character & Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger– Copying or redistribution of this page is not permitted without written consent by Robert Berger. 


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