Vastine East- Portraits of Character-Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger

Portraits of Character-Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger in Houston Texas


Vastine contacted me to photograph him for his upcoming book about to be published. He liked the lighting and style of my studio portrait photography which stood out to him. Read about Mr. Vastine East:

Houston Actor, Author, Model Comedian Executive Business Corporate Headshot Pageant Portrait Photography!
Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger, Portraits of Character

Mr. Vastine East wrote:

“I started out in life with virtually no obvious advantages. Like many poor American families my home have few books around. The only books that cluttered my home were books that paid a visit during the school year that my brothers and I brought home from school, then to be returned at the end of school for the summer breaks. It was the absence of a connection with the outside world that compelled me to dream. I dreamed a lot! I became the story teller in my home. After the lights were out in that little house, I took my family into my make-believe world! Stories of adventure, happiness, heroes and villains! I would finish high school and go to college. I would work 43 exciting years as a Civil Structural Designer. I shot hooky from work from time to time to work as an extra in movies. I would eventually leave engineering for a time to study and pursue acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, California.  Always following my dreams. I would study Radio Broadcasting at Columbia School of Broadcasting.

I became obsessed with traveling the world. I’ve seen many countries. I always dreamed of far away places. After visiting so many places, some good and some not so good, I am compelled to share those experiences with the world. It was reading fiction that gave birth to so many dreams in my mind. I’ve written and published poetry. After studies at the Institute of Children’s Literature, I wrote and published two Illustrated children books! Retired now from engineering, I will write many more books and share my voice as I venture into motivational speaking with the aid of motivational speaker Les Brown.  I am excited by all the possibilities life offers, and I am encouraged to persevere when life throws its roadblocks.”


It’s always refreshing to meet creative intellectual individuals, who have unique and interesting viewpoints. I will be updating this page with more information about Vastine’s upcoming book. Thank you for reading!


Robert Berger



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