Telma Moreira-Coaching for best health in Houston Texas

Writing about the people who I photograph and spreading the word about them is something I am finding fun to do. I’m going to call these posts “The story behind the portrait.”

When you immediately meet Telma, you will find her charming, full of energy, extremely knowledgeable and interesting.

Houston business portraits executive headshot portraits publicity portrait professional portraits
Telma Moreira

This is an excerpt from Telma’s “About” page on her website. I highly recommend contacting her!   

”Telma navigated the world of health and wellness from different perspectives. Starting her career as a clinical dietitian, she worked in preventative nutrition as well with people who suffered a variety of chronic diseases and critically ill patients.

Counseling people with obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and several types of  cancer during 20 years, Telma developed her passion for wellness and prevention. Many of these conditions could have been prevented by lifestyle changes.

Telma is committed to support her clients to adopt a healthy lifestyle or to better manage existing conditions through behavior change. She is convinced that every person has the power to change, provided they realize that they are able to do it and can make personal decisions about their own health. With that in mind, she assists her clients to make the behavioral changes that will take them to the healthy lifestyle they choose for  themselves.”


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