Virtual Thousands of Backgrounds for Executive-Business-Headshot and Professional Portrait Photography in Houston Texas

Thinking about a new LinkedIn or business portrait that has powerful impact, setting you apart from your peers?   These portraits were all photographed by Robert Berger in his studio! Robert uses a photography system called virtual backgrounds ( not to be confused with green screen). These are actual virtual backgrounds photographed along with this executive. […]Read Post ›

Success Tips For Your Stunning Executive Portrait Headshot Photography in Houston, Katy, Fort bend, Texas

Stand out from the crowd with a stunning executive business headshot portrait! Stunning portrait photography created with expert craftsmanship and experience! Portrait artist Robert Berger realizes your business portrait is a direct reflection of your professionalism for individuals who have not met you yet! Watch the positive impact professional headshots have in our video!   […]Read Post ›

Houston Contemporary Professional Headshot-Head shots-Portrait Photography by Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger

Are you in need of a professional headshot (head shot) portrait, but want a more contemporary, relaxed, look for your business-executive portrait? Our Contemporary Executive Portraits-Business Portraits may be an exciting option. These portraits look very natural, relaxed and casual. The attention is focused on your face and eyes, allowing your personality to shine in […]Read Post ›