Introducing Portraits of Character by Robert Berger-Portrait Photography in Houston-Professional Photography Studio

Portraits of Character by Robert Berger in Houston


Introducing our new portrait photography website

Portraits of Character Website by Robert Berger See our latest work


Portraiture influenced by the Golden Age of Hollywood( 1920′ to early 1950’s)  when movie stars  projected a glamorous image larger than life. The lighting sets the mood.

Photographer Robert Berger sees every person as a star! All of us are special, unique, and one of a kind. Our qualities are truly our own. Creating a breathtaking star like portrait that encompasses an individual’s  zest for living life, their spirit, their glamour in a portrait that captivates the viewer with feeling, and emotions for an eternity! This is the essence of Portraits of Character, photographer Robert Berger’s signature style and vision!

Creating legacy portraits of how each of us imagine ourselves in our own mind, whether strong, confident, bold, individualistic, artsy, glamorous, or quirky, Photographer Robert Berger’s vision is to create these legacy portraits of how we want others to see our real CHARACTER and presence forever!  The portraits created are iconic and proudly displayed in your home or office!

Portraits of Character Photography by Robert Berger in Houston Innovative Images Photography Classic Hollywood Movie Star portrait photography for Individuals, Family, Executives, Business, Corporate, Senior portraits, Houston Katy Fort Bend Texas

Portraits of Character Website by Robert Berger

I hope you find my blog article interesting and informative. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the style of portraiture that will work best for you and your market! Call Robert Berger 281.531.5269.

Robert Berger is an award winning photographer- portrait artist “Craftsmanship combined with artistic professional photography produce outstanding portraiture that is always admired and appreciated.”  He has the most Google reviews in the Houston area for professional photography as well as a five star rating. Copyright 2019 Portraits of Character & Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger– Copying or redistribution of this page is not permitted without written consent by Robert Berger. 



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