Photos for Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery in the Houston Texas Area

Are you in need of a digital photo/picture, green card photo, or electronic photo for your DV-2019 Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery in the Houston Texas Area that is guaranteed to be accepted?


We specialize in providing the exact visa photo picture specifications that is needed for your green card lottery photo to be accepted upon uploading. Why risk time, as well as frustration by uploading photos that will not work?


Watch our passport photo visa photo video to see our work!

There seems to be a common stereotype that passport photos have to look awful and individuals are stuck with an embarrassing photo in an important passport document for the next 10 years! That doesn’t happen to individuals who select Innovative Images. A passport photo has a specific size requirement for each country but the commonality ends there. Lighting technique, posture, professional camera equipment, and personal interaction sets passport photos by photographer Robert Berger apart from the others! Why experience application rejection, embarrassing photos,  and wasted time. Have a wonderful experience and do it right the first time. Call Innovative Images for an appointment!

Passport Photos Visa Photos that look nice!


Passport Photos Visa Photos Pictures in Houston Katy Fort Bend Texas for Electronic Diversity Lottery Green Card Lottery
Passport Photos Visa Photos Pictures in Houston Katy Fort Bend Texas

Call Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger 281-531-5269 to schedule a photo appointment.

Live outside of the Houston Texas area? You may be able to email us your photo so that it can possibly be optimized for acceptance. Call us for the details 281-531-5269.


We also provide the highest quality passport photos visa photos passport pictures visa pictures for all countries. Provide us with the exact specifications needed for your application and we guarantee your photo will be accepted in your application.

Printed passport photos visa photos are available at an additional charge.



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