The Forgotten Importance of Portrait Photography!

  Introducing Portraits of Character by Robert Berger-Portrait Photography in Houston


Imagine the loss of culture if all the masterpieces of the world were gone with only digital files to stand in their place. What if The Louvre was only a hallway of computer monitors; The Met, a slideshow? A JPEG of the Mona Lisa will never engage the senses the way DaVinci’s timeless painting will. Why are people embracing this type of deprecation for their most important occasions and loved ones in their lives?

The idea of a photograph is to preserve a moment in time. This idea is tragically being devalued since the inception of the easy to use digital camera. With technology continually advancing, our lives are made more convenient; however, art is not a convenience.

Stunning Portraits Created with Expert Craftsmanship & Experience.

Your photographs and portraits are a reflection of your life’s best memories to share for the future.

Your personal portraits, your family memories, they deserve to be preserved as more than a line of code. A tangible, professionally printed portrait will keep your memories alive. The printed portrait enables memories and loved ones from the past to always be remembered. Have you ever looked at past photos of your grandparents displayed on a wall or table and marveled at the realization that at one time they were your age too? Photographs transport us back in time and give us a glimpse of our past that can be shared for almost forever. Individuals almost seem to come alive in quality printed portraits even though they may no longer be with us. It takes just a glance, no searching through computer folders or websites. Wall portraits are admired and cherished for their beauty and ability to make time stand still.

Movie star celebrity portraits,
Robert Berger specializes in the Golden Age of Hollywood Style Portrait Photography


Another aspect of my photography business is restoring old, damaged, faded and worn photographs to make them look as good as new. These images are paramount in preserving family history as well as remembering the life of the person or individuals in the photograph. These photo restorations reinforce, to me, the continuing importance of high quality portrait photography.

Photo Photograph Picture Restoration , we fix old faded damaged photos in color or black and white to look outstanding again! Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger, Houston Texas
Printed portraits are shared for generations and individuals are remembered!


No matter how successful we are, once time passes, it’s lost forever. We can never go back. As a professional photographer, I think about the implications and responsibility of creating outstanding portraits every time I photograph a client. This responsibility shouldn’t be taken lightly for anyone who considers themselves a professional photographer, but unfortunately, professionally printed portraits are almost nonexistent today! Electronics break, folders lost, passwords are forgotten, and the memories of loved ones are simply gone forever! When I speak with young adults, it seems artistic portrait photography and professionally printed portraits are an antiquated and an out of favor art form. Maybe it’s due to the immortal feeling of the young!

True professional portrait photography involves craftsmanship and knowledge. Notice the lighting that I employed in the portrait below? Shadow and highlight contour her face. I also gently retouched her portrait to smooth her skin and highlight her beautiful eyes. Her portrait was then professionally printed on canvas so it will last for generations. Every portrait that I create involves a high level of artistic craftsmanship. Today, those who settle for photos in a park and receive a CD are paying for snapshots not professional photography!  

Photography Studio Professional Portrait Photography in Houston,,Glamour Portrait Photography Houston, Portrait Photography Artist Robert Berger
“Classic Golden Age of Hollywood Style” portrait photography is elegant and timeless!

I have been a professional photography portrait artist since 1985. My blog post will hopefully give you some insight into this topic so you may decide what may be the best option for you in preserving your memories and the memories of the people you love for generations to come. Wall portrait photographs are breathtaking and almost true to life. It remains the best way to be admired and is truly a treasure to capture and own time. Stunning artistic professionally printed portraits are an investment, but only you can determine if this is worthwhile for you.

Hollywood Glamour Portraits in Houston
Outstanding professionally photographed and printed portraits area a timeless treasure for loved ones!
Jiakai Pan Houston Professional Portrait
Senior portrait photography by Robert Berger

Robert Berger is an award winning photographer- portrait artist “Craftsmanship combined with artistic professional photography produce outstanding portraiture that is always admired and appreciated.”  He has the most Google reviews in the Houston area for professional photography as well as a five star rating. Copyright 2019 Portraits of Character Photography by Robert Berger Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger– Copying or redistribution of this page is not permitted without written consent by Robert Berger. 



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