Creating a “Tribute Portrait” Remembering Kodak & My Old Film Cameras

I have some really meaningful almost antique items that I thought could be used in creating a fine art portrait. I collected this old Kodak box from an auction. It was shipped to Southwestern Camera on 1416 South Main Street in Houston at some point in time. If anyone has any idea about this box please email me.

These are two of my Hasselblad cameras that I haven’t used since 2000, as well as the film. The quality, feel and look of these cameras is incredible.

When you look at this image you will see with the right lighting even antiques look incredible.

“OurTribute Portrait” turning historical items into fine art prints.

If you would like us to create “A Tribute Portrait” with sentimental items from a loved one, or a fine art portrait of your special collectibles, we are here to help!

“Tribute Portraits” We can create heirloom portraits from your most meaningful and sentimental collectibles to share for generations!


See our photo restoration!


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